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Langfang Helingke Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the field of industrial filters for a long time. Our factory is located in Gu'an Lincheng Filter Industrial Park, located in the economic circle of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, with superior geographical position, rich natural gas energy, convenient transportation, and a good social development environment. It is a modern enterprise that integrates production, sales and service. It is the leading professional filter manufacturer in China. Since its inception, our factory has been committed to the research and development of filter elements, with first-class professional production equipment, with a dedicated, innovative and pioneering professional team. It is a professional filter element manufacturer of Poer and Dawn, and Hedeck. Its products include: filter element, dust removal filter element, gas purification filter element, hydraulic filter element, lubrication filter element, cooling filter element and more than 1000 different specifications and various series of filter elements. It is widely used in petrochemical, power plant, mine and other industrial production fields. Our factory advocates "professional, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" spirit of enterprise, excellent working environment and good incentive mechanism, attracting a number of high-quality, high-level, high-efficiency talents. Our aim is "to exchange service and sincerity for your trust and support, mutual benefit and win-win situation"! Our factory is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create the future with our core! Company leading products: import alternative filters: PALL (Poer) filter core; HYDAC (Hedeck) filter core; MAHLE (Maller) filter core; MAHLE (Maller) filter core; PARKER (Parker) filter core; PARKER (Parker) filter core; ARGO (Song) filter core; FILTREC (FuZhuZhu) filter core; STAUFF (West Defu) filter core; VICKERS (Weigers) filter core; EPPENSPEPETEINER (EPE) filter core; TAISEIKENOG TaiSEKYENO (Taisheng) filter core; INTERM; RORORORODEDERM (RORORORODEDEDEDEMAN) filter core YinDEDEDEMAN Norman (INDEDEDEDEDEDEMAN N (Mann) filter element; DONALDSON (Donaldson) filter element; HY-PRO (Hebro) filter element; MP-FILTRI (Jadeite) filter element; Rexroth (Rexroth) filter element. Precision filter element series: Hankson Hankison Precision filter element, Domnick Hunte Precision filter element, Hiross Precision filter element, Parker Precision filter element, Italy BEA Precision filter element, Germany Ultrafiltration Ultrafilter Precision filter element, Dazander Precision filter element, Ingersolingersoll-ran Precision filter element, Longevity SULLAIR Precision filter element. Gu'an Helinke Filter Factory adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty, professionalism and win-win", adheres to the principle of "customer first, quality first", serves customers with science and technology, adheres to technological progress, continuous innovation and continuous surpassing, and has become a powerful and large-scale enterprise in the machinery and equipment industry. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome the vast number of enterprises, users and consumers to contact us, we will use better products, to provide better services for users for the purpose of dedicated service for you.

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